“Fun is fundamental.” – Doug Hall

What is fun to you? What do you lose yourself in? I’d love to know!! Comment below 🙂


2 thoughts on ““Fun is fundamental.” – Doug Hall

  1. It has taken a long time to consider this – it really got me thinking – but for me fun is laughing with my boys, reading stories to them or my Nursery class and seeing them captivated, walking with my ‘mate’ and talking, writing in beautiful leather notebooks and dancing to our favourite songs….

  2. Well to me laughing with your boys was one of my favorite things about my whole trip to the UK 🙂 I think to me it’s watching great movies/shows with my hubby & discussing them & seeing how they apply to our lives, salsa dancing, writing in beautiful journals, reading intense and captivating quotes, cycling and more cycling and watching & guiding my clients as they chip away at a tough workout. In these things I’m definitely in the flow and easily lose myself…

    Thanks for sharing Anna!

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