Hello and Welcome!

I’m here to learn with you about this amazing life with all its challenges and beauty. After 5 years as a Speech-Language Pathologist, I decided to take the very scary but exhilarating risk of following another dream. That of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer.  I did it because it made me feel alive. And to be honest this resulted 2 years after someone asked me “what would you do if you had everything you needed…if you had all the health you needed, if you had all the finances you needed and all the support you needed…. what would you do.” The answer to this was long and took a long time to write, but I’ll tell you that developing a fitness career was on there. I’m not totally sure yet what I’ll be writing about on this blog, but one thing for sure is that it’ll be from my heart (and oh yeah if you have ideas of something you’d like me to write about or something you’d like to hear about, definitely let me know!). Change and progress are slow, but that’s ok, just like you, I’m here for the journey. I know for sure I made a good decision because there’s nothing like what I feel when I’m working with my training clients and running fitness bootcamps. It energizes me and fulfills me to no end. Having both careers has also brought an amazing balance I so much needed. So if there’s something knocking at the door of your heart, I invite you to listen. Don’t ignore. You may be trying to tell you something. I truly believe we know ourselves better than anyone else. As Henry David Thoreau said, live the life you have imagined. Hopefully you find something on here that will serve you.  Please come by often and leave something that will encourage us all.


God Bless!



5 thoughts on “About

    • Than you so much!! I will fill it in soon. I really appreciate your compliments. I’m a first time blogger so learning so much. I can’t wait to read your blog more, very interesting!!

      • You are welcome again 🙂
        And you are most welcome to read to my posts, plus you can read the posts I re-blog from others too 🙂
        Hope to see you visiting my blog 🙂 🙂

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